Some useful Vim commands

In a slightly quieter period than usual I’ve decided to take a deep dive into learning Vim. I figured the best way was to use it on an actual project and so far it’s going well but there’s a pretty steep learning curve! However, as I become more and more comfortable in the terminal, it’s great to not have to Cmd-Tab away from it each time I wan’t to edit a file or commit to version control or jump onto a server to put changes live.

Emacs is a nice OS - but it lacks a good text editor. That’s why I am using Vim. – Anonymous

I’m using MacVim but launching it with the -v flag to run “like vi” within the terminal. This has forced me to learn how to properly use buffers and tabs and not fallback on old muscle memory and hammer Cmd-s to save a file and Cmd-w to close one.

Each time I come across something that I want to do but have no idea about, I do a quick Google and make a note of the commands for future reference. Here are some of the more useful ones I’ve found on my travels:

Editing between quotes and tags

ci"  // replace between ""
ciw  // change inner word
ysiw"  // wrap word with " using the surround plugin
VS<p>  // auto wrap selection with opening and closing <p> tags using surround plugin

Searching & Replacing

/pattern  // search for pattern
:s//&replace/  // search for previous pattern and append replace to it
%s/search/replace/  // search and replace whole file
:bufdo %s/pattern/replace/e  // search and replace in all buffers, ignoring errors

Cut, Copy & Paste

:%y  // copy whole file
:%d  // cut whole file
:r [file]  // insert contents of [file] below cursor

Visual Selections

gv  // re-select the last visual selection
I  // insert text in visual mode

Tabs & Windows

gt  // next tab
gT  // previous tab
1gt  // go to tab 1
:tabe [file]  // edit [file] in tab
:tabo  // close all tabs but the open one
:wa  // save all open buffers
:ccl  // close the quick fix window

Easy Motion

,,f[character]  // easily display results matching [character] for jumping around file

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