Becoming more interesting interested

I was catching up on listening to the Starting from Nothing podcast last week and particularly enjoyed an episode with Tai Lopez in which he gave some tips for becoming a more interesting person. The idea was that you then become of more interest - perhaps more “value” - to other people; even those “out of your league” be that in terms of your social network, net worth, experience in your field, or even your looks.

This is an interesting point - I find interesting people “interesting” so perhaps developing myself to make me more interesting would be effort well spent? I could take up more diverse hobbies, read more books or even just start blogging more, perhaps?

However, being “interesting” is just half the battle. I think becoming more interested in other people has far more potential to lead to stronger relationships, more opportunities and learn more about the world. Listening to what others have to say - really listening - and taking a geninue interest will perhaps make you even more “interesting” to them than reading 50 books or learning 5 new langauges.

Of course, in order to genuinely take an interest in what others do and say means you need to surround yourself with interesting people. If only there were more of them around

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