About Me

The first website I made was back in 1997. It was a fan-site for the hit 90s TV show, Friends. It had a solid yellow background, was wrapped in center tags and featured a prominent scrolling marquee. Don’t judge me, it was a school project and I was 13.

It gets a bit weirder, but bear with me...

I went to the University of Edinburgh and studied Chemistry, Math, Archaeology, Architecture History and Classical Art. A logical selection if I ever heard one.

Whilst at Uni, I taught myself film-making and cinematography and in 2005 I moved to London and worked as a cameraman for the next 5 years. The money was crap but the work was great fun. I even have an IMDB page but the only thing anyone's ever heard of is the 3 series of Derren Brown I worked on for Channel 4.

Money from film work all but dried up so I got together with a friend of mine and exported prestige cars to the Far East. As you do.

200 Audis, Aston Martins, Porsche and Japanese performance cars later, I was bored of that - and started looking for something else to sink my teeth into.

I remembered that I enjoyed this "web design" thing so quit my job and took some time to get reacquainted with how that stuff worked in the modern day and age. I read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of screencasts and studied hard in my home - which I was renovating with my partner at the time.

After a few months, I faked a CV and responded to a few unpaid internships advertising on Gumtree - a kind of a UK version of Craigslist. Within two days I had three offers for unpaid work.

I figured I could probably get some money for my time so I turned them all down and put my CV on Monster.co.uk instead. Within a week, I had agreed to take a paying job at a salary almost 3 times what I used to earn.

I got lucky, but have found a real love for what I do. I now run my own business, Sapling Digital and am mostly working as a contract Front-end Developer in London, working on projects and with clients that I choose to work with and getting stuck into the London web community. I've also discovered the joy of teaching and have been working with General Assembly over the last 6-months, delivering a series of workshops and courses in my spare evenings and weekends.

My joy of teaching has turned into my first real side project: AtoZ CSS a free video series all about the topic that got me hooked on this job in the first place.

To find out more, have a read of my latest musings, check out my latest code dabblings or shoot me a message on Twitter for a chat.

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